Q: What is Party Tyme Karaoke?

A: Party Tyme is the best-sounding karaoke in the world, with more than 36,000 songs to choose from! Just turn on your TV, select your favorite songs, and sing along!

Q: How many karaoke songs are available?

A: Party Tyme Karaoke offers more than 36,000 songs, including the hottest current hits, as well as the most popular songs of all time from various genres. New releases are added every month. (Please note that certain songwriters do not allow karaoke use of their songs.)

Q: Are songs in different languages available?

A: The Party Tyme Karaoke catalog consists of ~70,000 songs: 36,000 in English, 16,000 in Spanish, 10,000 in Portuguese, and thousands more in other languages, which are made available as publishers approve.

Q: How can I contact you if I have more questions?

A: Feel free to email: customerservice@partytyme.com

Q: How do I cancel a subscription?

A: If you upgraded on iOS/tvOS or Roku, cancellation must be handled directly with Apple or Roku.

For iOS and tvOS, follow these steps:

For Roku, follow these steps:


When you upgrade up on iOS or Roku, Apple or Roku will send you a confirmation email which details how to manage your subscriptions as well.

If you have upgraded on our website, please cancel at https://account.partytymestreaming.com